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A Question for Hardcore Collectors.

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I am surprised that the mouse is still on his (or her) feet.

I knew the party of the cousins would become rowdy

Sir Gareth:
That's a good looking figure, I hope we get a chance to get one with our DS orders next year.

 I'm just wandering how long he will stay in one piece now that you have opened him before you need apart of him for a custom figure for a photo story. ;D


 Hi Socrates,
             I turned cousin Klatuu´s visor upsidedown for a better view of his lovely face.  :yup:

Yes, Sir Gary I keep looking at him and wonder what i could do with him, my hands are itching too ;D

  I´m afraid you´re right Meg, they have become rather rowdy ::)

I like the mice watching over the cousins' antics

I knew it would all end in tears.  These things do.


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