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A Question for Hardcore Collectors.

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  I was lucky and heard that an exclusive was being given at the German Direct Service with every order for a short time, if one had a certain flyer. I didn´t have one, but phoned the DS and pleaded, grovelled, cried, wheedled and begged, until the sickened lady I spoke to promised me one with my next order.

 I´ve got it! Yay!

Now, should i put the  figure in its unopened plastic in a box, or cupboard,  away from sunlight? Should I unpack it and display it with my other few rarities? Should I give it to my son, who just might customise it?

Serious advice welcome :)

I'd display it ... I have a few 'rarities' that I don't let the little guy play with, and he knows those are "Mommy's Playmos"  Of course, they're also displayed with some of the customs I've done  ;D

I do have a silver knight that came with the museum (he's the only piece I have of that set), and he's displayed with my mother's fine silver 8}

I think it should be displayed in a light tight, air proof box.  So people can see it, fit one of those wide angle lenses people fit in their doors with a light tight cover over it which can be swung away for viewing purposes.

This is what a hardcore collector would do.  Otherwise, you're just a dabbler. ;D

Hmm... Let me put it this way: I will place mine sealed and out of the sun
into my "limited edition - rare stuff"-box...
But I am not sure if this is a tactic that makes sense...  :hmm:

They will raise in value, but they will never be worth a fortune, and even
if, to benefit from it, you would have to sell it... So there is no point to be
too keen on it as long as it is not YOU, who is the hardcore collector!  ;)

I usually try to get such items twice... One for my box and one for display.
But in the case of this one, I placed only one order as well...  :D

best regards,

That's a thoughtful reply, Socrates, appropriate to your name.


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