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Does Playmobil ever make on commission? (ie. could we commission old steck?)

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Martin Milner:

--- Quote from: Donmobil on February 07, 2008, 05:39:59 ---Perhaps the high prices people in the US pay for old sets might be a sign to PM to re-release the older sets.  If people are willing to pay more to get an old set, there could be a market for their re-release.

-- Donmobil

--- End quote ---

I wonder if anyone at Playmobil headquarters monitors the prices for Playmobil on eBay worldwide? There are usually around 2,000 items up for auction worldwide at any given time, so assuming they're all 10 day auctions, that's 200 lots a day, 8 every hour 24 hours a day.

However eBay makes life easy for you, if you search only completed listings worldwide. The 3448 Medieval Inn recently sold for $350.

Of course some style sof sets do keep comign back - the castles and the jousting sets, while not exact recreations of the original sets, have been released in many forms.

But, as Donmobil says, the high prices for old Playmobil are on US eBay rather than world wide.  The same sets can be bought on German eBay much cheaper when they appear. And, ironically, it tends to be US collectors who complain most about the price of current sets (including the DS re-issues), so Playmobil are sent mixed messages.

(A US collector once explained this last point to me as being because America was the land of the free and that was also the price they preferred!  :lol:)


--- Quote from: socrates on December 10, 2007, 15:46:30 ---
This might be possible for a single klicky but not for a whole set... long as you are not getting Michael to customize half of the production line anyway... (see again the t-truck... :P )


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Lol Thank you

To comment on the topic prices

I realised That playmobil is German ,so there is where you go
I have the luck I'm able to travel easely to Germany
and you have no idea wot you find on the road

I'm learning German as we speak

and it all started with little meetings , internet is great , But once you 've looked one in the eye ,it all becomes different

I realise we are on a worldwide forum here
and we in europe have shorther distances so it is easier to meet

but we also have different laguages  8}

and people allways will be people

I travel all countries by car or by internet
I think I'm a member of every forum  :-\

We are not that many , active collecting
it's a very small world

I want to take the moment  to thank Sylvia and Richard for creating us this space , and for their efforts to keep it clean and friendly

and very playmo FAN realated

As far as I'm concerned,you very well succeeded (and succeding)
and I'll try to keep suprising you with my customs

there are lot of members here who live in Germany who also like american sets

it's all bout balance

there's allways a way  ;)

Hope made a bit sense  :-[


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