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Does Playmobil ever make on commission? (ie. could we commission old steck?)

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--- Quote from: Rasputin on November 17, 2007, 17:09:40 ---
Did the product range increase soon after the new high tech warehouse was built?

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I don't know when the new high tech warehouse was built, but I suspect it was after I was told about the range being limited to about 250 items.


--- Quote from: Timotheos on November 17, 2007, 22:50:31 --- sometimes I think a combination of American aggressiveness/obsessiveness and recklessness with cash leads bidders here to take auctions personally.

People battle to the death ("I gotta have it" / "I won't let nu2ebay234 beat me!").  The high prices in turn fuel the opportunists who hope to re-sell.  

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seems like there is a lot of that going on even off of ebay, around these parts at least.

It is some times quite tempting to go to target buy a $4.99 set and re sell it for $9.99 + $6.50 shipping , as a way to fuel my obsession. As i contemplate this i start to feel the innocence of the toy would be lost and i would also become the dealer who dips into his own supply.

I would like to ask a question that is back to the original . Here in the states it happened in McDonalds and in Germany or ? it happened in a store with the old timer truck. Instead of approaching playmobil what about approaching a large store? I can not think of any ( i just woke up ) but one large enough to attract some attention.


--- Quote from: core on November 15, 2007, 07:15:13 ---Just to back up a little bit (and on a tangent) - does anyone know how much Geobra recognizes and support adult playmobil fans no adult fan support not even in germany (not just in Germany - and how is there btw)

  From Lego pov (since it's another of my interest), they definitely recognize the adult fan and do cater to their needs:Playmobil geobora doesnot follow those politics

- parts order (okay, Playmo has this)
- a friend tells me they (Lego) work closely with Lego Train clubs
- creating sets that go back to their original design roots,  as alot of fans were bemoaning the increasing use of large speciality pieces.
- allowing online cataloging and distribution of past set instructions (which iirc Geobra is dead set against)
- creating a 'fan club' of sorts (well, this one's for kids and adults alike ...) only for kids

At any rate, I was wondering if Geobra might be moved to re-release a line of 'classic' sets (for knights anyways ;)) much like their doing on a couple a vehicles a year.  Anyone want to start a petition? :D Playmobil does release classic sets since a few years , guess patience is the word here and a bit of luck

On the other hand ... I just got a MIB 5738 (one of the last steck castles?), and compare that with MIB 3888 the fit of the pieces seems much tighter and a little off at times - the moulds might be wearing done (wild speculation on my part), and on the other hand I'm sure the System-X moulds still have some way to go for Geobra.
they did re release the red and the blue frame house

My 2cent's worth of ramblin' Hope you got some answers , I know , probably not the ones you like

there are a few members on the german forum that have good connection with the Pr form zindorf , but that's more based on personal friendship than on fan  promoting


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playmobil is releasing special editions for companies etc. (see nordsee pirates, Karstadt T-trucks etc.)...
Especially when requesting vintage parts, they will have an open ear...

The problem for such a project is that they are NOT turning on a single maschine for not at least 1000-5000 pieces.. So depending on what you are ordering, you will have to get at least that number of it...

This might be possible for a single klicky but not for a whole set... long as you are not getting Michael to customize half of the production line anyway... (see again the t-truck... :P )



--- Quote from: playmofire on November 17, 2007, 07:57:27 ---The really high prices for old Playmobil tends to be a US eBay phenomenon.  Similar items in the UK tend to go much more cheaply, and in Germany cheaper still. 

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Perhaps the high prices people in the US pay for old sets might be a sign to PM to re-release the older sets.  If people are willing to pay more to get an old set, there could be a market for their re-release.

-- Donmobil


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