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Any possibility of a rerelease of 3666?

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With the advent of the revival of the Victorian theme, do you all think there's a higher chance now that they may reboot the 1990s Knights theme with a rerelease of 3666? They've periodically teased us with some rereleases from this line, like the current 6464 "Group of Outlaws." I think it would be terrific if they'd rerelease the old castle soon. Honestly, I'd probably buy about five of them. ;D

It would be great to see it again, they are edging around it from time to time but getting the big set would be great. It's a true classic.

If they were willing to re-release 5300 then I don't see why not.

3652 (jousting set) would be my top pick from that era of Medieval sets

3666 was my first Playmobil purchase in mid 1990s! Man, the hours of fun I had redesigning it and making different Steck layouts! I would probably buy 2 or 3 myself!

With the amount of plastic this set demands and the direction oil prices are going I see a less chance currently

If the oil/gas was to flow then I’d be more optimistic


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