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Martin Milner:

--- Quote from: Sylvia on August 21, 2007, 13:02:51 ---It's also possible that we put a bit too much emphasis on the meaning of the word "Special" when considering these sets. It's likely that the name was originally used simply to indicate the sets have a lower price than those in other themes, which puts them into a more affordable category for young children.

--- End quote ---

True - I see they sometimes boxed in the US as Playmobil Pals. This suggests to me the image of a child (or adult) carrying their one favourite figure around in a pocket all day to play with at a moment's notice. One figure is enough to have a game, after all.

I sometimes feel there are too many bits in the special boxes - e.g. in 4665 Western Cowboy, I'd be happy with the cowboy, clothes & revolver & rifle - there's also a lasso, campfire, frying pan, coffee pot and two mugs.

However as most figures come with less pieces, this may just be a way of filling in gaps in a "thin" range like the current (almost non-existant) Western series. 

I agree with Sylvia.

Wilma (my wife) keeps me reminding me what "specials" are all about. She says it reminds her of a "Carnaval procession with everyone dressed up".

I understand where you're coming from, Edwin. For (most of) us collectors a fully kitted (or should that be kilted  ;D) Highlander is much more exciting then the boy with the toothbrush.

On the other hand, my oldest son (4 yrs) made me think. When he was allowed to pick a special for himself, he did go for the boy with the toothbrush. Why ?  ???
I think because he relates to it. It is somethink he understands what it is and what it's about. I doubt he would actually go for the Highlander (well, I would coax him a bit, naturally  :-[, to make the sensable choice).


(and can you please stop banging that drum? It's giving me a headache  :lol: )

the special line is the basis of my collection. How many times have these specials repowered my collecting?

I bought 8 of the roman "centurio" with green shields, before the Roman line was out. The line offers an incredible range of different themed figures, on wich a theme of itself can be build! Sometimes even as cheap as 2€ each, this is a great gift to children or to anyone...

Imagine someone who studies medieval culture and society, you can give him a crusader special, and even if he isnt a playmobil fan, he will like the idea and might consider buying more of it.

Of course playmobil is made for children, but it has such an incredible effort to make it realistic, that parents might even start collecting it.

I agree, the plumber and kid arent really useful but:

-I need some tools for a small scene, where do I get a wrench? You can buy the plumber set for a small price.
-I bought the cowboy. Why? I dont use western, but the campfire, cups and pan are always useful, for example if your Romans/fusiliers/soldiers need to rest somewhere

thats why they are popular, great for clicky parts for customising, great for quickly getting some parts you need...

So concluded, I love this line!



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