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The Making of : Summer Garden Party on Regent St

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Looking forward to seeing the pictures

Thank you so much dear Friend  :wave:

Good morning dear Playmofriends  :wave:

I hope that you are all well.

With much delay, I am utterly delighted to finally post my first picture of the set of New Regent St this year with Miss Charlotte'a fashion boutique decorated and photographed yesterday afternoon  :love:

See you soon for new adventures  :)


Good morning dear Friends  :wave:

I hope that you are all well and that September's back to work / school went well.

I must admit that unlike last year when I posted my little stories all the way from summer to Christmas, I have been so busy at the hotel all Spring / Summer that I was only able to resume taking pictures of the set of New Regent St from late August onwards.

Needless to tell you how happy I am to be back and resume my little Victorian tales like a welcomed pause in a rather crazy & harsh world  :cloud9:

And since I started taking pictures from late August, my little Victorians are still enjoying a late summer before autumn kicks in...

Je vous invite donc a decouvrir mes petites scenettes qui commenceront par les debuts de la patisserie de Madame Applepie a la facon d'un conte pour enfant

So this is with great pleasure that I invite you to discover my first little scenes in one year starting with the beginnings of Mrs Applepie's Patisserie told very much like a children tale  :love:

The Little Milk Boy and the Cottage of Mrs Applepie
The summer was coming to an end and the sun was rising in New Regent St 🌞

Young Peter, the little Milk Boy was always the first to start his early morning delivery of fresh delicious milk and as he approached Mrs Applepie's little cottage, he noticed that the lights were already on...

Peter was accompanied by his loyal little bird Chippy and was greeted by Mr Hedgehog 🐦🦔

The little cottage was filled with colourful flowers and Peter always remembered to bring a treat for Mr Hedgehog and Mr Rabbit 🦔🐇

After dropping his pint of fresh milk by the little cottage's door, Peter made the day of Mr Hedgehog with a juicy red apple and Mr Rabbit with a crunchy carrot 🦔🍎🐇🥕

But he did notice that the little cottage's door was opening as he was walking away...

The little cottage's door opened and a cheeky ginger cat appeared. "Mr Rupert" said Peter "what a pleasure to see you on such a lovely morning"! Rupert the Cat loved Peter but loved his delicious fresh milk even more 🐱🥛❤️

Karim :gent:

Rupert the Cat was enjoying his fresh milk, Mr Hedgehog his apple and Mr Rabbit his carrots and all was well 🐱🥛🦔🍎🐇🥕

Through the opened door, Peter could not but notice the most delicious smell coming from the little kitchen, very much like a freshly baked pie straight out of the oven😊🥧

"The delicious smell coming from the kitchen could only mean one thing" thought Peter "Mrs Applepie"! And there she was standing proud and cheerful holding her iconic wooden spoon and little apron !

"A very good morning to you my dear Peter 😊" said Mrs Applepie who was holding a delicious pie straight out of the oven. Would you like a slice of my very own recipe made with Bramley Apples, Jersey Cream Butter and Salted Caramel🍎🥧

Mrs Applepie was joined by Bridget & Alelaide her loyal Cooks and Peter by the Victorian Street Children 😊

Karim :gent:


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