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Mt. Olympus Moves in Next Door

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Brilliant! More please! Though could I ask for...slightly larger pictures? :prays:

--- Quote ---that watermelon would already be gone, Gallagher style
--- End quote ---

Gallagher just passed away a short while ago, coincidentally :hammer: :watermelon:

I would love to post larger pictures!!! Only the smallest size, however, is under the 100KB per photo limit, so I have to post small or not post at all. Would love learning how to do better.

You can use a free image hosting service. and are two popular ones. (They have the added advantage that nonmembers can see the pictures; pics attached to your post are invisible to nonmembers!)

If it's not immediately apparent how to use those sites, please let us know and more detailed instruction will be provided with alacrity!

Thank you!  Fixed!!

NICE! I am going to study them!

NB You used the "thumbnail for forums" link, that gives a small image that we can click through to the large image; if you use the "hotlink for forums" link they will show up fullsize in the post!


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