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Mt. Olympus Moves in Next Door

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While some man the battlements, the sorcerer studies hard to find the right spell to drive the intruders away.

It’s too late, though: Sleipnir has already found his way in. Having eight legs is less helpful going down the stairs than you might expect.

He goes and inspects the pile of treasure on the unguarded ground floor.

…and takes as much as he can carry. Including a miniature Loki helmet?? The *gall* of these mortals!

Meanwhile, the battle has begun on the upstairs patio.  Ares has let slip the dog of war!  The hellhound meets him, fang to fang!!

But the poor wolfman and zombie pirate are already down. The Hound of War leaps in through the third story window.

One of the housemates’ dogs has taken refuge under the covers.

Unseen by anyone, Loki has already claimed the attic in the name of Himself. He’s that kind of guy. Possession is 9/10 of the law.

 :lol: :lol: :lol:
I am enjoying this story, Chotii. An 8-legged horse? Whatever next?

Hahaha omg, brilliant  :lol:

The Victorian house has new neighbors, but they know how to party!  :lol:
I enjoyed these photos!

This is excellent  :lol: :love:


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