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Mt. Olympus Moves in Next Door

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The Victorian Mansion has new neighbors, and they’re proving a challenge: The Olympians.

Bacchus arrived early and started making wine for the planned parties. The Norse gods showed up. I’m not sure they were invited. 

All the gods have their own plinths.

The latecomers arrive, each with his or her own plinth.

Hephesteus can carry a plinth AND his anvil!

Ares didn’t even let loose the dog of war, and there was havoc!

Finally they get themselves organized.

I think the Norse gods are only behaving because there are two Zeuses, and Thor doesn’t have his hammer.

The party is getting pretty rowdy. The peacock better be careful or they’ll be serving him, roasted, for a main course.

I hate it when the neighbours invite pagan deities round!

Great storyline, Chotii!

I’m pretty sure if Thor had his hammer, that watermelon would already be gone, Gallagher style.


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