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Help! mysterious knight saddle - unidentified in PlaymoDB

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Hey guys! Could you help me identify the saddle on the left below (code or other sets that has it)?

It came for me in set 5731 (confirmed, opened 2 brand new boxes).

In PlaymoDB it is pointed out that it would be the saddle code 30092840 (which is the most common red saddle for knights), but actually this code is from the saddle on the right - definitely a different (maybe lighter) shade of red.

I tried looking for other sets with this mysterious saddle and also looked for other codes in PlaymoDB, but I didn't find anything that could match this specific colour. Please consider that it is not the brown saddle of knight christopher 3699 either (30077360). Any tips or hints are welcome (or at least if you guys can find any of this saddle in your knights!).

Thank you!


Maybe they are from two different batches and so slightly different shade.

I don't have any definitive set or part number information, but I will say that I've noticed slight differences in colour or plastic material for parts with the same part number depending on when the set was released. So, like playmofire said, older batches may just have been darker. Do you have red saddles from any of the other Dragon Knight (or Magic theme) sets released around the same time (like Set 3274, Set 3345, or Set 3840)? I would expect those sets to have the highest chance of having the same, darker red saddles. Then again, those seem to be quite difficult to find now!

Hi, guys, thanks for the reply!

In fact this is a good starting point. I have a few sets from that era like the 3274, but unfortunately I didn't buy them MISB, so I can't be 100% sure if the saddle that I have in them is the original one. If anyone has any of these sets and is sure that its pieces are original, please share the information about the shade.

On the other hand, another interesting point I noticed was the fact that the saddles seem to follow the color pattern of the loop sword 30245160 (left) and 30201940 (right).

In other words, this leads me to believe that we are not talking about small differences in color between pieces of the same code, but truly that they are in fact two different colors produced by Playmobil.


--- Quote from: zezemanolo on April 29, 2022, 21:01:53 ---It came for me in set 5731 (confirmed, opened 2 brand new boxes).

--- End quote ---

 :o You've opened them?? Good for you, I'm not that brave – 5731 is very rare this [European] side of the pond. I'm cursed with a MISB one, which I got in order to complete my Caparison Chart, but won't play this knight until I get a used one from somewhere.

Tell me: is there a parts sheet in 5731? If not, then the identification of the left saddle as ETN 30092840 in playmodb might be wrong. The two colours shown are standard shades in the playmoverse: I have many "minimal pairs" of items in the two colours around, so think we can exclude batch variation of a single variant. The ETN of the saddle in 5731 would then be unknown.


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