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The Invasion

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Queen Marigold had a summer retreat on the edge of The Peaceful Forest.

Her two daughters, the Princesses Philippa and Christabel, enjoyed the peaceful gardens away from the noise and bustle of the city.

Soon after Queen Marigold had acquired the property, and while she was still wondering how she could attract staff to such an isolated place, a small band of dwarves appeared, offering themselves for work as guards, cooks, and handydwarves.  They were content with small wages, and Queen Marigold thought they would be a good deterrent to robbers or squatters during the winter.

The dwarves settled into a rather lazy lifestyle.  While the Queen and the Princesses were away (which was most of the year), they had the place to themselves.

And they could also enjoy simple pleasures in the forest.

Mind you, even when Queen Marigold was in residence, the dwarves didn’t bother to put on much of a show of guarding her property.

They were even known to fall asleep while they were pretending to be on guard.

And it was during one of those snoozy afternoons, when the invasion came.

It was a revenge attack – not upon the royal ladies, but against the dwarves, who were enemies of the fairies from a few years ago.

The few dwarves who had some alertness about them scrambled into action.  One of them called to the Princesses to move the carriage, as it was in the way of the catapult.

Another aimed the water cannon.

‘We’ll soon repel them, Your Majesty,’ said the dwarf in charge of the catapult.

Continued below.

But the fairies raised their wands, and the stone stuck to the catapult and did not launch.

Likewise, the water cannon froze in position.

And cement formed at the bases of the rocks in the chutes.

Fairies began flying up to the battlements.

And were quick to take action with their wands.

And with their weapons.

Edward the troll knocked in part of the wall.

While a fairy lowered the drawbridge.

Enabling the carriages and unicorns to enter.

The Princesses hurried indoors.

While the dwarves above watched in horror.

They decided to go below and hide with the kitchen staff.

But Queen Marigold was having nothing of this.  She did NOT allow her summer residence to be invaded.

Continued below.

Queen Marigold has magical powers, you see.

And she cast Cannonball.

Then she twin-spelled Cannonball.

And again.

This was too much for the fairies.  With one accord, they (and Edward the troll) raced away and into The Peaceful Forest.

They are, however, ashamed of their defeat; too ashamed to return home.  And so they are now looking for a new home. 

I’ll let you know when they find one.


--- Quote from: Raven on August 12, 2021, 10:27:21 ---Then she twin-spelled Cannonball.

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An interesting story. I wonder if the princesses have powers too?


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