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Glass dome/mini diorama

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Thank you. It is really fun to plan and make the new displays.
As I don’t have a lot of playmobil I struggle to add some height to the displays.
The next one I want to make is either “feeding the ducks” or “walking the dog with grandpa and grandma”. I just don’t have any ducks or grandparents yet ;)

These are great. It reminds me of a set up they had in my preschool. I remember looking at the classroom display every day. The connection of playing with playmobil at home and seeing the display at school absolutely blew my mind... very cool idea for dioramas in the household!

What a great idea Elise! If you wanted to fill the height, could you get a tree in there?


Thanks. I think you can, but it would depend on the tree. My dome is 20 cm in diameter and the height is 30 cm. It would be best if the tree can be placed in the back and not in the middle.
Im gonna try of i can get a smaller tree on a rock in there.

Let me know if anyone is gonna try out the “glass dome diorama”. Looking forward to seeing it :)

It's a lovely way to display one's Playmobil – thanks for sharing!


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