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Glass dome/mini diorama

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Hi everyone,
Here are some pictures of the glass dome I have in the living room. I try to change it regularly. It just makes me happy to have something playful in the living room  ;)

Those look great, that's a great way to do seasonal themes. I have a couple of apothecary jars I use in the winter, need to get some moss stuff to use them in the summer as well.

Those are beautiful, and a great way to always display a small dio  :love:

I absolutely love the idea of displaying Playmobil sets under glass dome displays (bell jars?).  :love: Very cute concept with a lot of possibilities!

Such a lovely idea to exhibit your favourite figures and accessories  :love:

I would not mind at all putting one these on a coffee table as they would undoubtedly be a topic of conversation and curiosity since Playmobil is a brand that speaks to everyone.

I love the way you set up these little beauties  :)


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