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Hello and thank you! So, I’m not sure where to post this comment- I’ll start here and someone could kindly redirect me to an appropriate place. Despite not having a collection worth posting at the moment, I wanted to admire the collections and talent of my fellow playmobil artisans. I would like to start a playmobil story telling contest with a small and a big category. I’m open to suggestions in all phases of the contest, however, this is what I’m thinking...the small category will be anything roughly two feet by two feet in size, and the large will be anything larger no matter the size...I am open to the winners being decided by a vote from the community (I have no desire or need to be the one making such a decision, but I will if I must)...the guidelines for this story telling event will not focus on any particular type of story (because if it were up to me it would all be castle or medieval focused and I think it would be more fair to just say tell a compelling story). I think we should give everyone interested at least 1-2 months for complete just because life can get busy, right? The small prize winner will be given $25 dollars versus $75 dollars for the winning large scale playmobil scene...I would prefer the prize be given in terms of money, but am willing to offer equivalent value in the form of a brand new playmobil set if people view this as more appropriate...please let me know if I should post this somewhere else, or if there are suggestions for any portion of the contest! As of right now we will say roughly the beginning of April as the deadline for this contest, a contest decided on with poll results from the community? I hope this interests your playmobil geared minds, and I’m very excited to see the scenes, which will unfold to tell some wonderful stories!!

For the record, this is not my “mystery” project. Although, in some ways, the idea of this contest is not unlike the playmobil project that I am currently working to produce...

Once again let me know if you have any comments or suggestions, but I think the small category should actually be anything 3 feet by 3 feet (or smaller if you’d like) and the large category will be absolutely anything larger and larger.... Also, the prizes will be enhanced largely to protect against someone winning both (you can enter both contest sizes)- the large event will win $100, and the small contest size will win $50, with an extra $25 going to second place in votes for the smaller contest in the event that one person wins both fields just to spread the love...once again any comments and suggestions are most appreciated- though I would like to maintain that the winners be decided by votes from the community, because who am I to decide such a winner? Very excited to see what comes : )

That's a great idea! Let's hope it generates sufficient interest.

Thank you for moving this, I truly had no idea where to post it. Also, yes, I’m hoping we have people who are interested. The idea wasn’t generating any interest and I feared/was embarrassed that I might have done something wrong. Would love for the fun contest to become a reality, but i won’t be offended if it doesn’t materialize. Hope everyone is having a safe day.


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