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The Museum Heist

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Hi everyone! Here’s a project me and my youngest child did together.

I always wanted a playmobil museum, who doesn’t? But the beautiful 3449 was a bit too small for the “artwork and collectibles" I had in mind, and the new 9451 had only one floor - above all, it is not Steck, so I decided not to buy it. I had to do my own. My youngest child has some police and thieves, so we decided that he was allowed to let them - carefully - break-in.

And so it started…


At the end of the day all visitors have left the Museum…

The curator Mr. Goldberg is about to close the museum, but only after the police officers finish their last round. Over the transceiver, police officer James checks with his assistant John if everything is as it should be: “- Routine, check. Over.”

“ - Roger. All clear! Out.”

After a short small-talk, the curator closes the museum and the three of them leave to what they think will be a regular, quiet night…

Meanwhile at the gang’s hideout, Karlchen Knack* has a master-plan. It’s a cold night, but he’s so excited, he had to take out his coat due to heavy sweating. To his right, his friend and former-pirate Butch, and the fearless Kate. Both will be performing the operation.
To his left, his partner in crime Karla Knack*, and the driver Vincenzo, the fastest in the whole west.

Karlchen has been planning for a while; today is the day!

(* = infamous on YouTube)

After discussing the operation all over again, the three leave on Vincenzo’s Quad. Karlchen and Karla Knack are too famous to show themselves near the museum, so they’ll wait at the hideout.

The master-plan knows no acrophobia, but fearless Kate doesn’t either.

Fearless Kate is of course successful and sees if the coast is clear before stepping in.

Butch is right behind her on the attic and the shiny crowns find their way into their bag.
Surprisingly, they forget to take the newest acquisition of the museum: the amazing and rare masks the greatest collector of Portugal, Queen Tahra, donated to the museum just last week.

Maybe because their main goal is the highly protected crown of Karl-August XI…

Fearless Kate is a gifted thief and cuts the glass without the alarm going off (which, btw, makes a really annoying sound).

Butch, a former-pirate who spend half his life fishing, does the rest…

…slowly but effectively.

It was not planned, but Kate likes necklaces.

She wants to try it on immediately, but it doesn’t fit over her mouth-cover, so it goes in the bag.

Of course the next crown, though less valuable, has to go too.


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