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St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas) Christmas Stop-motion Video

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A few years ago I bought the beautiful steamboat of St. Nicholas (5206)
As I have family in Belgium I know Sinterklaas, so I decided to make a movie about him:

I hope you enjoy it!
And please share it with your friends from the Netherland, I think their kids will love it. Also they will recognise some of the songs (Sinterklaasliedjes) used as a soundtrack.

Greetings from the Cinemano Studios  :D

Thank you so much for yet another Masterpiece dear Cinemano   :love: :love: :love:

This is an enchanting little Christmas tale  :cloud9:

Happy holiday season to you  :wave:

Great Film,   :wave:
thank"s for sharing


Very nice, well done movie! :clap:

As a Belgian who loves the celebration of Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas, I must say: amazing video!!! Great job!!! And it has all my favourite songs in it! Nostalgia x 1000!


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