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Widsith, part 1

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Ok, I think that's right now.  I copied the urls for each photo and rewrote the text.  Feel free to tell me if I can do this in a better way.  There is a lot more to share of this one and I know there are people who can help me fill in my gaps.


What a great idea those photos are lovely nice and clear and well laid out, like the younger version of him best with long hair and no beard it looks so far as though he's had a good and interesting life  :)

Thanks!   :)  I spent a good deal of time photographing them. 

Beautifully photographed!  The characters are wonderful.   :)9


Great pictures, they are very good considering they are all pretty close to the clickies.  :)

I feel sorry for that poor clicky thats tied to the horses though.  ;)


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