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Maybe the global pandemic boosted the sales of toys around the world.
With kids and parents being confined at home, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that more toys were bought just to keep the little ones busy for a few hours while parents work from home.

Maybe I'm searching for something that isn't there and Playmobil did manage to reach their audience.
I like to think that a company that can make negative employer reviews on "" disappear like snow in the sun, is also able to make good numbers appear with similar ease. The question is: does it reflect reality?

I too wonder whether Geobra's management practices bear close scrutiny, especially when economic growth is pursued so relentlessly. What corners are being cut and who is being exploited? Maltese home workers assembling sets for minimum wage?
I like this idea! I would guess the 1939 film is probably better known than Heidi, Spirit, HTTYD, Ghostbusters, BTTF and Scooby Doo.
The sequel 'Return to Oz' has many further PM possibilities; Tik-Tok, the Wheelers, Mombi (interchangeable heads!), Jack Pumpkinhead (already done as a Scooby Doo 'ghost'), even The Gump.
Customs Gallery / Re: Big in Japan
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Customs Gallery / Big in Japan
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Bright colours galore!
The Baum books were published between 1900 and 1920, so they should be public domain. A license wouldn't be needed as long as the theme side-stepped anything specifically from later adaptations (e.g. the ruby slippers). Sometimes companies will hold trademarks for specific phrases/images associated with a public domain work (ex. the Beatrix Potter publisher is sitting on some Peter Rabbit trademarks), so that would have to be researched.

It's an interesting idea, although thus far Playmobil hasn't created a large theme for the American market, and the Wizard of Oz is very American.
I oppose this on my principle that I don't like fictional licenses in PM, but apart from that I agree that it would make for a rich and interesting theme, with many potentially good looking klickies. However I wonder what the status of the license is - is it in the public domain?
Lechuza hasn't turned a profit in 20 years?  :lol:
News / Re: New (possible) Fairy Series - (What Fresh Heck...)
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Maybe some useful parts for customizing purposes, but otherwise much too "polly pocket" looking for me.
This is NOT the kind of Playmobil I like...If one can still call it Playmobil that is.  :(
Just my opinion of course.
Would love to see this of course. The farm is easy, thry could use the existing Western farmhouse.
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