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News / Re: James Bond 007-Aston Martin.
« Last post by Rasputin on Today at 23:08:39 »
Definitely a must have set

That car is gorgeous
News / Re: James Bond 007-Aston Martin.
« Last post by Redmao on Today at 22:51:59 »
Here's a few shots from the set

The car sports some hidden machine guns and battering ram in the front

Oil dispenser in the back to fend off pursuers

Extending rotating blades to tear off enemy tires

Bullet proof screen and rotating license plates

Detailed interior with a red ejector seat button

A clear plastic part pushes the roof away so the ejector seat can function properly

James Bond

James Bond and Rex Dasher, similar yet different tuxedos


The henchman

Oddjob who sadly can't hold his hat in his hands

News / Re: Discontinued 2022
« Last post by Hadoque on Today at 22:33:12 »
The Astronomer Set is also back to history... I expected him to last longer.
However, with all the anti-science people around these days, maybe they got complaints about the globe not being flat.
News / Re: James Bond 007-Aston Martin.
« Last post by Hadoque on Today at 22:23:52 »
I haven't seen the Oddjob klicky myself, but according to Catchet (via SonParaMiHijo) on klickywelt, his "hair" (the black skullcap thing) is non-removable. that is a shame!

I have a few Oddjob klickies. The black piece on the head is removable and it does fit on other klickies´ heads.
But the head from Oddjob is smaller (less high) then normal heads, about 2/3 I would say.

The 'hairpiece' from Oddjob does fit on regular heads, but to create a 'clean' bald-looking effect (but with a hat on top) one should use an old klicky (from the 70s or 80s) that comes without the side-provisions to hold beards, witch-noses, glasses and such. (Of course unless  beards, noses or glasses are desired).

With some 'regular' hairs, Oddjob looks quite weird because of his small/low head.

I took a few pics but can´t post them here because even after resizing they are much more then the allowed 100 kB limit.  :-\
And I don´t use hosting-platforms. (Those disappear or become paying sooner or later.)
So I´ll put them on my FB profile-page, that might help some of you.
News / Re: New playmobil shop category
« Last post by Rasputin on Today at 21:42:26 »
From their perspective they should have called it

News / Re: Exclusive sets in Kaufland (Germany)
« Last post by Hadoque on Today at 21:27:53 »
Went and looked at the website, prices are crazy. They are showing the dino set at 39.99 € full price

Crazy indeed, for such a little bit of content.
News / Re: New catalogue (2nd half 2021) online!!!
« Last post by Hadoque on Today at 21:20:28 »
The 'WWII Bomb' will go well with the 'Novelmore-Steampunkish-Zeppelinesk-Intercontinental-Stealth-Bomber'.
News / Re: New circus: Circus Playmo (2022)!
« Last post by Hadoque on Today at 21:15:00 »
Set 70965: The torso of the circus band members is amazing!!! I must have more of them!

I would have preferred them to have 'real' jackets/vests, instead of printed-on ones.
News / Re: Playmobil and Zara (2 new figures)
« Last post by Hadoque on Today at 21:09:17 »
So, we have to eat hamburgers (Quick or McDonald´s), drink coffee at Starbucks and buy clothes at Zara...
News / Re: New playmobil shop category
« Last post by Hadoque on Today at 20:59:33 »
"Playmobil Pro", oh no, guess they already had another idea for that...

Not all of 'us experts' are 'professionals like you'  :D
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