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First of all for the moderators apologies for having this post elsewhere too and messing up some of my prev posted pictures . i am having some problems with photobucket at the moment , i would suggest to remove my prev thread all together regarding pres set pictures and kings quarters etc etc .. my apologies ..

Well, here are the latest pictures . Clearly separated the kings quarters and the barracks and then the city. Space is a problem , wil have to remove all this castle and place in my storage room after i buy all these large tables . still to do , the vikings place , the dragons castle. i have plenty of steck left , i estimnate i need another 6 steck down in the city area to put all the klickies and carts, animals in . not sure about the barracks size we shall see .. I have seriously  run out of space as you can see  :'( :'( :'(. I doubt i will set the klickies now. They are all separated by type and all the furnishings , animals separated   etc . i have to clear the flat i have set all these very soon so i reckon will break this set in large prts and then re set it properly in my starage room which is dust free etc etc and then set all the klickies in , all of them !!! ( about 1100 mediaval ones ...)  . I am pleased i had more toasts and steck fortifications that i thought . lol i just bought another 200 toasts ... anyways hope you like the pictures  :). Still to come the bell tower i bought , will put in the centre of the town i reckon...

Bill Blackhurst:
Beautiful collection, Giorginetto :wow:!

That's quite a city you've built Giorginetto :wow: :wow: :wow:
I hope you got planning consent ;)

WOW 8} 8} 8}

that is impressive!

Nice!!! :wow: :wow: :wow:


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