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70746 – Violet Vale – Demon Portal / Demon Lair

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Stickers!  Lots of nastily-shaped stickers!

I applied the stickers first to get them over with.  They weren’t nice, but I’ve known worse…

That over, I could get onto the fun of building.  And this was fun to build.  Everything slotted together easily, and the instructions were very clear throughout.  My only problem was not a serious one: I had followed the instructions as written, and put in the torch holders.  But every time I did something to the structure, the torch holders fell out again!

On the eighth fall, I decided to leave them where they were for the time being.

I was a little surprised at the upper part – it is only resting on the lower part, not snapped into position.  It is secure enough, but I told myself that I’d need to remember that it did come off.

I guess I don’t listen to myself.  It was only a very short time later when I pressed down on this ladder to lock it into place:

… And the upper floor flipped up towards me and nearly went crashing off across the table.

The upper floor houses the altar which, on the press of a button, cracks apart, and a small demon comes flying out into the air. 

Well, supposedly that’s what happens.  I obviously have the wrong sort of small demon.  The altar pieces certainly went flying into the air – one of them travelled (at speed) about 3 feet/90 cms, but luckily not towards me.  The demon, however, did a somersault and landed back in the altar.

I think it is a pity, though, that the button for the flying altar pieces demon is in such a visible place.  Convenient for access, sure, but I wish they had put it behind the altar.

It can be sort of hidden, with a well-placed writing desk, and by only looking at it from a slightly sideways position.

Not quite sure why one would jam a writing desk up against an altar, mind you, so I’ll come up with a better solution later.

The klickies have got interesting eyes, with a paler streak along the bottoms.  I tried to take a photo of this, but only succeeded in making one look cross-eyed, and the other one look like they have hollows for eyes. 

The reality looks better than that!  Here they are all togged up:

I got ridiculously over-excited about that censer!  I really really love it.

And here is the big demon:

It is the same height as a troll.

A couple of other little things I am delighted about.  One is this spell book.  (Printed, not a sticker, I’m glad to say.)

And the other is this spell sheet or spell scroll:

… Which can be rolled up and carried in a scroll case on the back of one of the klickies.

I understand that this set would not be everybody’s choice for themselves or for their children – ‘Oh, let’s play summoning demons!’ - but for anyone who sees it more as fun fantasy … well that’s just what it is.  Fun to build, a fun building, and with fun characters also.

Here are two of them having fun:

Thanks for the review!  I am waffling on this one: it is an expensive set for 2 demons....

Those eyes are... interesting.  Better than the Movie eyes, at least.....

Awkard button placement on the altar,  but your solution for hiding it is elegant:  Of COURSE you need a lectern for your spellbook when summoning demons.  The procedure is too dangerous to just freehand it!!  :)

Between Violet Vale and Ayuma, Playmo is encouraging my toy hoarding too much lately!

Thanks for the review! I'm very tempted. Luckily for me, my wallet is quite stoic, until now. Let's see how prices develop.

What's with the sleepy eyes? Will they perhaps light up in certain conditions, as demonstrated by JLMatterer for a different set of the same theme?


--- Quote from: Raven on August 20, 2021, 13:35:36 ---..I’ll come up with a better solution later.

--- End quote ---

Hide it under an inverted bucket. I can send you one if you don't have one spare.

Thanks for the review Raven. Especially admitting to your mistakes, those bits make it all believable!

Thank you so much for the detailed (and fun) review!

I want that set too - even if system WHY.

The asian eyes are ok.. the others...  I think the klickys with those eyes look sleepy and/or drunk and/or high.

I am not fond of the little guy. But I didn't actually get my hands on him YET. 

The big guy :love: - I suppose the arms are the same as the trolls?

--- Quote from: GrahamB on August 20, 2021, 18:30:01 ---Hide it under an inverted bucket. I can send you one if you don't have one spare.

--- End quote ---

:lmao: :lmao:


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