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Hello everyone!
We hope you are all well!  :wave:

After a long absence, we're back at our favourite forum with our latest version of a "compact" Hogwarts. We tried several buildings in the past but now, due to the usual lack of space, we are circumscribed to a small table and aimed to build vertically - in a way that still allow us to play some key-scenes and access the building and rooms on the sides... and the dungeons with our beloved troll :P

We pictured some scenes for you and we hope you enjoy them! Let us know if you recognise some customs of characters and/or film/book moments. :yup:

Here is the building - the sky is photoshop-improvised, of course, not perfect at all.
(the fantastic high walls are 3D from Playmoebius  :love: )

Attention: There is an "infiltrated" toy, an outsider, you can imagine from which company.  :-[ We must admit we love the little one, and his size also comes quite handy for the character.  8-)





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