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9446 - Pirate and Soldier Duo Pack

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Our latest review is thePirate and Soldier set, #9446. I particularly like the soldier, with his wig and portly figure; he's much nicer than the trio #9886. But I find the decision to give them guns rather than swords a bit odd, epecialy for the pirate whose mould is made to accommodate a baldrick.
What do you think?

Thanks for the review.

This too, like many similar ‘budget’ sets, seems a bit cobbled together, doesn’t it? Nice redcoat though, and one I might add to the collection.

Have to visit the funpark one of these days.

Definitely agree on the guns vs swords. The officer should absolutely not be carrying a musket - a flintlock pistol at most, but preferably a sword.

Maybe he's a relative of Sharpe's? He always carried a rifle 8-)

Thanks for the detailed review :)

I really like the pirate's torso - very useful.


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