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6107 - Albrecht Dürer

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Our latest review is Albrecht Dürer, which you can read here. This klicky is a real winner for me, not only because of the concept of the artist painting himself while actually in those clothes but also because those clothes are so dashing.

Another great review! Thank you!

Great review, Steve!  Your (and A.'s) blog is a wonderful addition to the world of Playmobil enthusiasts.  :)

The Dürer special is one of my own favorite sets - I was a huge fan of Dürer's work long before I joined the Playmobil world.  I particularly admire his etchings and I especially love "Melencolia 1."  I don't even know why - it just speaks to me.

Back in the "good ol' days" of the Playmobil Collector's Club, we were given the chance to buy this set directly - I bought 5 of them.    :love:

Thank you both!  ;D

He is a beautiful klicky, with my all time favorite cloak (favorite mold, favorite color :love: )


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