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Flooring the Red Framework House

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So it's my birthday this week  ;D and that's been an excuse to splurge on Playmobil.

I've treated myself to the Red Framework House (7785) with the thought that I could have a little mini early modern diorama in my study (a nod hear to Elise's bell jar). I've realised though that the house doesn't have a floor, so I can't rotate it and keep the klickies in position. Is there a part I should be looking for to floor it? Presumably this is the Steck system,which is new to me.

Thanks for ay thoughts/help.


I don't think any of the framework houses ever came with a floor. I'd assume that the base plates that come with Colorado Springs/the Western House would fit (30 05 0800), but it does mean a step up to the door (and, of course, you can't currently order spare parts to the UK).

Thanks Oliver. Playmobil show the floor area of 7785 as 190*190mm and 30050800 as 175*87.

The hiatus on spare parts in the UK is driving me bananas, but they keep reassuring me they're going to restore the service once they've found an arrangement with HMRC and UPS.

I don't think size should be a problem - if you look at 3771 Vacation house, it uses 3 of them as the floor, so 2 would suffice for the frame work houses. I'm just not sure if the bottom of the framework wall is different, and so it wouldn't fix onto the base plate.

If it was me, I'd be tempted to get a thin piece of MDF, or even heavy duty cardboard, to do the job

I have both Steck houses and the floor panels which go with the goods depot and I will do a check for you today.  Do not get your hopes up as too the result!


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