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Hello from California!!

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Joshua D:
Hi everyone!!  :wave:

 Iím so excited to finally join playmofriends! Like many of you I grew up with these classic toys, mostly western and knights. It wasnít until the mid 90ís, when I found myself in the little toy store from my childhood, strolling down the aisle of Lego and Playmobil when something caught my eye. The bounty hunter set from the then brand new western series. He was so neat that I just had to get him. The collection grew rather quickly after that. At the time, I was also interested in learning animation so naturally I combined the two and started making films. Thanks to Bart from Collectobil I was able to share my creations with the online community.

Cut to today, I have amassed quite a collection and thanks to quarantine, I have gotten back into animating again. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing my creations and having fun talking about playmobil!

Welcome to the club!
Really looking forward to your creations :)


Welcome from Portugal!

Looking forward to seeing your work :)

Welcome to PF!


Joshua D:
Thanks, glad to be here. Iíve got some packages coming today. Been going a little eBay crazy lately  8} :lol:


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