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Brexit Blues

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Mea culpa. #6889

I've had the following exchange on Twitter:

EMPlaymobil: Hey @playmobil, @UPS and @HMRCgovuk! It's been two months now since people could get replacement parts for their #Playmobil sets. Please can we get it sorted?
Playmobil: Thank you for your message. We're really sorry to hear that. Our colleagues at will help you with your request. Thank you for your patience!
EMPlaymobil: Oh @playmobil! We think customer services @PlaymobilUK are brilliant, but they can't help us with VAT issues on your shipping service!
Playmobil: We are working on hopefully finding a solution very soon. Unfortunately, we currently don't have any more informations for you. Sorry for any inconveniences. We understand the frustration.

I'm again encouraged that they do intend to restore the service. Incidentally, HMRC have not replied to my enquiry.

I wonder if any of our European friends want to start operating as a shipping agent?

Light at the end of the tunnel?

--- Quote from: Walts-Trains on July 06, 2021, 14:38:18 ---Playmobil spares UK
If you live in the UK and require spares you can now get them from Playmobil UK.
They are not available on there web site.
Send an email with the numbers you require to the customer service dept in the UK (
They will then send you a quote.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Walter!


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