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Beauty in details: another Bacchus in Playmobil? 6376


DS 6376 horse cart with cage and trunk is one of those sets that I've never given a proper look:

because we have seen this cart before, first in 3314, then in another colour in 4874, and the Movie cart of 70073 isn't all that different. Yet without intention the upper part ended up with me as part of a lot, and I was pleasantly surprised by the small sticker at the front, the one with coats of arms in the other incarnations. I mean this sticker:

because it shows this head:

I take him to be Bacchus, and assign the cart to a wine merchant. Any better ideas?

It is these small details that make Playmobil so brilliant.

Best wishes

That is a cute detail.

I agree I hadn't really paid attention to this one, because we've seen it in multiple incarnations, but the colour scheme in general is nice.

That's really nice :)

Thank you for pointing it out, StJohn - I hadn't noticed either :-[


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