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Where is this hat from?!

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I canít find any information of where this hat is from?! Itís a very dark bluish-purple color with two holes for feathers.

Nine hats with wide brim and two feather-holes are listed in PlaymoDB, but only two of them have the two holes spaced widely like your one, and neither of those is that dark blue-purple colour. So it might be from a very recent set, or possibly a very old one. The colour is reminiscent of the ACW sets.
Not much help, sorry  :-[

From the 4234 circus "Horse act"?

It looks plausible, especially on your second pic, Erik, where the two holes seem more widely spaced. This may be a case where a part was issued in two forms with the same part number (ETN), in this case some with feather holes close together on some and more widely spaced on others.

It could possibly be, but playmodb and the images have a hat with the rim on the top (like the one the green lady wears in 5345), whereas the hat I have in question is the exact same mold of the hat the yellow lady wears in 5360... it seems playmodb doesnít really differentiate the two styles...


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