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Hello from Belgium

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Hello everyone, fellow collector, friends,

I've read and heard many great things about the forum and finally took the step to join. The Playmo vibe got me real fast: since I was two years old, I started playing with Playmo (older sister) and since then I was completely sold. The 3761 became my very own first set.
My favorite theme is construction and especially the sets from the eighties.

Last year, I got inspired by a collector from the Netherlands who "convinced" me to start expanding and collecting the missing Playmo sets from my childhood. So I made a promise and an extra new hobby…

I wanted to thank you all again for already helping me in my search. I’ve already learned a lot. 😊 😊

I wish you all a fantastic day

Welcome from Portugal! :)


A very warm welcome to you from Marlow on Thames  :wave:

Have fun !  :)


Welcome from Oregon!


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