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A Broken Tower on a Broken Rock

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All three pictures look great, but the lighting in the second one is a thing of beauty, really.

Indeed, like other members mentioned already: great lighting - and therefore great atmosphere.

Wow!! Nice!!! :clap:

 :o incredible! It doesn't get much more atmospheric than this. I agree that set is just Playmo brilliance.

(sorry for the late reply - I couldn't not reply  ;D)

Wonderful homage to one of the coolest steck sets. 3665 was amazing whgen it came out and and an all time classic . I remember the sheer excitement when I  bought it back in 1994 iirc. ( lucky to have 2 MISB as well). The dragons prison is so cool  and despite so many dragons from playmobil these days , bigger and fiercer nothing will ever come close to the original green one if you ask me....

Great pictures and set up. Hope to see more !!!  :wave:


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