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Babylon Berlin

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Great series!
In one of the “mystery sets” there was a clicky with a Thompson sub-machine gun that would be perfect for the Chicago mobsters of this time period.
Prohibition in the United States created speakeasies and the FBI. Playmobil’s “old time” trucks and automobiles would fit in nicely with this theme. And, the fairly new flying helmet would fit nicely on a pilot for the Playmobil biplane.
Ralf, you continue to amaze us with you creativity!
Thank you!

Very chic👍

Great mix of parts!

If you build a whole scene, take a look at the Ghostbuster Firehouse.  I am going from memory, and it may not fit,  but the block and brick seem period to me.....

Oh this speaks to my heart, I LOVE this era of fashion!  ;D You did a great job with this. How did you make the furs?

More genius-level work from specialist.


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