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Title: ? Re 3896 figure
Post by: 4bairns on November 13, 2020, 17:12:36
Iíve been completing sets via ebay etc for several years. I had all the parts for 3896 Tree Stump Goblin EXCEPT the figure itself. Very hard to find! So I ordered a temp replacement that was similar. But I suspect maybe was customized somehow? It looks exactly like the goblin figure EXCEPT it has a girlís hair, black. I donít think that even exists as an original part? Just curious! I didnít know you could remove child figureís hair!
Title: Re: ? Re 3896 figure
Post by: GrahamB on November 13, 2020, 17:53:45
You mean 3898. I think someone has swapped a girl's head with brown skintone onto your figure. Swapping the whole head is the only way of changing a child figure's hair. Mind you, I can't find a girl's head with those white eyes and mouth, so perhaps someone has done a successful hair transplant?

BTW, I can't see your pictures (they are shown as having a size of...0kB  :-[). Perhaps you could add them as attachments, or post them on an image hosting site and link to them here (more details on either method available....).
Title: Re: ? Re 3896 figure
Post by: 4bairns on February 11, 2021, 23:32:05
Thank you! Iíll try adding them as a file. When I find it! I might have to take a new one lol; apparently I failed to drag it into the right album and who knows how far back in the all photos section she is lol. The other ideas Iím afraid I have no experience with.