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Hi folks! I'm a Playmobil nut from Belfast, Northern Ireland!

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Hi everybody!  :wave:

Delighted to join!

My name's Alice. I'm a Playmobil collector from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I'm sure many of you have had the same experience - Playmobil was my favourite toy as a child. I'm a child of the 80's/90's. My sister and I had a few well-loved sets - some of the Victorian rooms, the ambulance, the school bus.. and my absolute favourite - Franky's Cafe!! I never got rid of my childhood collection, and I've recently taken up expanding it with vigor!

My favourite genres of Playmobil are, in order of preference:

1. Victorian
2. Any Hospital/Cafe/Dollshouse
3. 80's/90's City Life (playground, boats etc)
4. 123
5. Vintage 70's Western
6. Pirates

I also love the special figures, and have a lot of random ones that I love, eg clowns, mermaids etc.

I'd be so thrilled to meet & get to know other Playmobil enthusiasts. There is so much to be enjoyed & shared. So many possibilities!

Cheers & much love, Alice


Welcome aboard!
I assume you've seen the 70336 Pizzaria set?

Welcome from Portugal!

We also have our sets from childhood - the oldest are over 41 years old! - and been adding to them with enthusiasm, to my poor wallet's dismay  ;D

Looking forward to pics from your collection!

Welcome from me, in Stroud, England!

Welcome from the Netherlands!!
Looking forward to seeing your collection.


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