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70761 Play and Give Greek Fighters of 1821

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This is the current big Play and Give set out exclusively in Greece. I ordered it without the box, so no box pictures here, but they can be seen at PlaymoDB.

Nothing printed in this set except an international warning sheet about the dangers of the projectiles. No instructions. I have sent a parts list and some images to Heather so she can add them if she likes.

The set contents:

Playmobil 70761 Parts by Tim, on Flickr

Many of the parts are unique to this set. Both the figures, both of their hats (the fez is a darker red than previous), the flag and the scroll. The rest are existing parts.

Edit: Swapped out the picture links form my website to Flickr to deal with the images not showing due in some browsers issue.

Here are the klickies. They are really beautiful. Such nice detailing on the printing.

Playmobil 70761 Klickies by Tim, on Flickr

Playmobil 70761 Klickies-side by Tim, on Flickr

Here is the set all together like on the box. The only negative is that they have provided the clear stands for the klickies, but the woman doesn't fir tightly in hers due to the shoe choice. So the one figure that really needs it can't use it properly. Obviously you can give the woman the sword and have the guy hold the flag. This is a lovely set, but unfortunately a little expensive to have it shipped internationally to the US (which is why I got the unboxed option). Probably can be gotten for better prices in Europe.

Playmobil 70761 Set by Tim, on Flickr

This one following on the really nice Aesop' Fables set is great. I am glad sales in Greece are good enough they can offer these special sets there. This set is very specific and may not sell well other places, but the Aesop's Fables set really could have been done international as we are all aware of them.
Thanks for reading

This is a lovely set - thank you for sharing. I had to dig around to see what 'Play and Give' was all about. I think it may be a bit short-sighted not to offer this sort of product outside of Greece given the collector's market but then I'm sure they have their finger on the consumer pulse more than I do!  ::)

That's for the detailed pics, Tiermann :)

It's a really nice (and special) set. And the klickys are gorgeous! :love:


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