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70566 - Pirate


This week's review is the (female) pirate from FI?URES Series 19. I think Playmobil could do a lot more with its female pirates and I'll be blogging about that later in the week. This is their latest klicky - by my reckoning they have released just nineteen in thirty-two years (not including the steampunk klicky from FI?URES Series 17). What are your thoughts on female pirate figures? Do you agree with our assessment of this one? Which is your favourite?

It's a good figure, but I agree they need to stop with the reuse of the same torsos. They could use the same print tampos and just change the torso color to cream or light blue or something. Doesn't have to be a complete new work every time, but exactly the same is getting old. Even worse in the City Life theme than in historicals.

Another good review...

There are generally few women in "old" themes - easily fixed, I suppose. But annoying.  And yes, that torso is quite popular - mine became a guy, actually (Fi┬┐ures: Series 19 - 70565 + 70566, Kept Girls (link at playkingdoms)


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