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This weeks review is from FI?URES Series 16 - the musketeer. Obviously I'd like to have seen a little bit of a theme here ...

Thank you for the review! He is a nice figure, certainly.

I guess the figure is partly inspired by the artwork of the German card game MUSKETIERE!, published by Hexagames in 1991:

Just one more thing. I'm quite amazed that you've been able to contain your rage against the useless peg in his side! Previously, talking about another victim in this forum, I couldn't keep a lid on things. It is a godless, ridiculous disfiguration, a wicked and shameful thing. >:(

Other than that: a nice figure!

Thanks StJohn!

I haven't seen the cardgame but the image is a cartoon drawn from the 1973 film: the musketeers are (supposed to be) from left to right Oliver Reed, Richard Camberlain, Michael York and Frank Finlay as Athos, Aramis, D'Artagnan and Porthos respectively.

I've never really taken too much exception to the pegs, though I can see they're a problem if you're swapping torsos around. I think used with a pistol or dagger its fine - a not very neat solution to the problem of holstering. It doesn't work well at all with a sword though, because of the impact on arm movement. As it happens this is something I'm going to blog about next week in the context of the latest female pirate!

Thanks, and what a surprise! I only knew the game and was struck by the resemblance. But the movie is older and presumably is the source of inspiration for the Playmobil musketeer, whether by way of the card game or directly.

Why useless peg? I really appreciate these torsos with pegs. If I donít need them I cut them off.
But usually I make good use of it.


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