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Hello from the Netherlands

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Hi everyone,

Iíve been visiting the forum as a guest for a while now, so Iím happy to join you all.

Iím a mom of 2. Unfortunately they are still too young to play with playmobil. My interest in playmobil was reignited when searching for toys for my children. I love good quality toys that will last a lifetime, so automatically I found my way back to playmobil. I still remember the yellow caravan and the cabin I used to play with when I was little.

I have a glass dome/bell jar in the living room where I regularly change whatís inside. It started with some playmobil sinterklaas figures and currently I have our (playmobil) family with our newest addition on display. I try to make it like a mini diorama.

I really love to watch the dioramas you make. My interests are currently everyday life and seasonal themes. But I enjoy everything you make.

I donít know how active Iím going to be on the forum as life is a little hectic right now. But it will be fun to be able to join in when I want to.

Looking forward hearing from you,

A warm welcome from a very wet UK!   :wave:

Hello and a very BIG welcome from Fort Lauderdale, Florida!
There are lots of very nice people here.
And, they will all be looking forward to your posts.
Thanks for joining us,

Welcome from Oregon USA!

Hi Elise,

Welcome to our little corner of the World Wide Web.  :wave:
Great to see a fellow country-person make it too this place  :love:

Mark (aka Bogro)


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