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70032 - Playmo-Friends Pirate

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Our second review on earlymodernplaymobil is probably my favourite pirate, #70032. I wonder which is yours and why?

You can read our thoughts here.


I read your blog post with great interest. Very detailed with lots of acute observations, thank you for that. :hatoff:

I like the 70032 pirate too, if only because he sits in the minority group of PM pirates with all limbs intact.

What upsets me, though, is that his coat comes without matching sleeves. I suppose Geobra is trying to portray a long sleeveless vest over a white shirt, in the way children dress as pirates at fancy dress parties. But, as you say, the piece is sculpted like a proper coat, so why no sleeves? No way to dress a historical pirate! Arms of a matching colour are unfortunately in very short supply, so not easily rectified. 8}

To my mind there are way better PM pirates in the back catalogue.

Thanks for your feedback StJohn. That's a fair point about the sleeves. I suppose I like the waistcoat effect and that it means he's not one block of colour.

You are also quite right about the high disability factor among the pirates although, with the exception of eyes, I think they're getting better. I notice that the female pirates are unscathed!


I know some guys who had the same tailor and paid for sleeves on their coats ...


--- Quote from: drbatesy on May 18, 2021, 22:31:02 ---...I notice that the female pirates are unscathed!

--- End quote ---

Not quite! Series 17 Piratin


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