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9325 - Martin Luther


Ambitiously, I am hoping to post a review a week on the earlymodernplaymobil blog. Of course you're welcome to leave comments there, but I thought it would be good fun to encourage discussion around the merits of a particular clicky or set on playmofriends too.  ;D

Where else could I start but with that best-seller, Martin Luther! You can read my thoughts here.

What is needed is a printing press but that's probably too specialist for the current lot to consider. It would also be good if they looked at some of those earlier scientists like Copernicus and Newton.

I'm planning to start a 'wishlist' series with articles considering the historical klickies that could come out. I'm hoping to start with a top-5 early modern artists, based on the success of Dürer. A top-5 early modern scientists (natural philosophers) would be great!


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