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Greetings from the UK!

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Hi, my name is Steve and I and my five year old daughter are big fans of Playmobil. She has a broad collection, though most recently she has developed a serious love for the pirates theme! My collection is smaller and focuses on early modern history. Both are growing!

I'm not a 'modder' but I do like to supplement the sets. I hope that my experience in this area will be useful to other playmofriends.

We have started a blog,, with the intention of posting weekly reviews and occasional articles. I would be really grateful for any constructive feedback and suggestions, both on content but also the use of of Wordpress and Twitter if anyone is very familiar with them!

Looking forward to 'meeting' you all!


Welcome from Portugal :)

Looking forward to pics and details from your collections!

Hi Steve,

welcome to our club and fellow Playmoholics  ;D
Looking forward to seeing the blogs.

All the best,

Welcome from Hertfordshire! :wave:

I am enjoying reading your site so far

Welcome from the North Yorkshire coast!  :wave:


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