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melusine playmo:
Hello, thank you for accepting my application. Melusine playmo comes from the mixture of my daughter's and my first names.
I started to be a fan of playmo in 1999 because of the medieval castles my son was a big fan of. Then in 2002, I started the fairy castles collection for my daughter. And in the meantime, I fell in love with the 1900 houses, especially the 5300.
Alone at home playing with my children, I finally found the Playmofrėnn group which organises among others the Luxplaymodays and I became a member of the club. I discovered that I was not alone as an adult in my passion for the creative world of playmobils.
Since then, I have created three dioramas which were only presented at the Luxplaymodays in Clemency Luxemburg.
My main interests are the creation of dioramas, the customisation of playmobils for the medieval, and the 1900's houses or modern houses that I transform.
So much for my presentation.
Thanks to all of you.
PS: I'm French speaking and I use a translator to communicate in English :-))

A warm welcome from the UK,  :wave:

Hi and welcome from ... Belgium ;D

Bienvenu from The Netherlands!

It's always great to meet someone new who shares a hobby :)

I am hoping to see more of your hobby :)
(Whcih reminds me that I should start taking pics again  8} )

Mark (aka Count Bogro)

Welcome from Portugal :)

Looking forward to more details of your work!


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