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Hello from New England (USA)!

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Hello, everyone! I had some Playmobil as a child, but rediscovered it about 5 years ago. I teach Latin and picked up a few Romans for a demonstration (mostly because I cannot draw). A bit later, I started collecting more figures and props and using them in my own teaching (and discovered that someone else has done amazing of Latin things with Lego minifigs). But Iím still slowly working on website introducing Latin using Playmobil. This group is so inspiring!

Welcome from Portugal!

Hope you can show us your website soon :)

Welcome from Oregon!

A very warm welcome to you from Marlow on Thames ( London )  :wave:

Vetus in Anglia a me receperint

(I used Google Translate, so I hope I haven't  just suggested you do something unlikely with a vintage automobile!)


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