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This is being offered by a seller about an hour 1/2 from me; it's on Craigslist (my first time), which is a little creepy because I only know of Craigslist through news of the Craigslist Killer.  ::) Could I have some advice, please? Is it possible to get a working battery for this set? They're asking for $75. Thank you! I currently have NO PM trains.

Baron Marshall:
It is compatible with the 7829 battery adapter that you can put regular batteries in, but that also looks hard to get at the moment.

That said, $75 isn't bad...

It's cheaper in the long run to use rechargeable batteries in the battery holder.

Good price. Lots of track which would be useful. I may have an extra battery holder that fits the regular batteries, would have to dig out the box and see. It doesn't show the pantographs, those can be the hardest part to get as they are often missing, not everyone cares about having them though.

J had a number of those before going track powered and they are good fun.


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