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--- Quote from: Erik on March 05, 2021, 13:26:40 ---When I read all this I'm very happy to live in Belgium...I honestly never had ANY troubles with ordering spares and such.The people on the phone or the eMail contacts have always been very friendly and helpful to me, so no complaints here.  :)

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I tried to phone them several times a few weeks ago, but every day, each hour the message "We are not reachable, please try again later." sounded through the phone.
Also, Playmobil Northen-Europe doesn´t mention any email-address or phone-number to contact them anymore on the BE website, nor on their invoices or delivery notes. Only their "new" address, located in an anonymous office-building in Amsterdam, can be found through a search.
Luckily as a regular costumer / collector I saved the email-address (and the old phone-number which should still function?) of the customer-service long time ago, but new or non-regular customers probably didn´t and so they can´t reach them any longer, except by filling out a standard online form on the site and pressing "send", but then one doesn´t have a copy from what he/she wrote to them in the email-inbox. You can of course take a printscreen before you press "send", but that is not how it should be imho.


--- Quote from: Oliver on March 05, 2021, 13:46:35 ---I was aware that it was technically possible, but I'm a Millennial, the likelihood of me voluntarily making a phonecall is approximately zero  :lol: :lol:

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You can send a list by email. Look up part numbers on PlaymoDB (which is what Playmobil staff do all the time!). Let me know if you can't find an email address for UK customer services. Like Hadoque, I have one saved.

Recently called the US site to figure out if there was any timeframe for them to restock their barren website...received a seemingly uninterested report that they did not know. They followed this by more or less saying they were sorry that I’m not satisfied... Well, should I be happy about the constantly unavailable products? the way, I don’t know if this is news or not, but the knights themed line has been taken off of the US website (unless it is just an error)...


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