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     Hello there ladies and gentlemen. My name is Brian. My playmobil story started when I was six years old. As fortune would have it, a playmobil pirate ship was waiting for me underneath a small Christmas tree. I must have looked at that box for an hour and little did I know the passionate adventure, which would captivate me for the rest of my life.
     As the years went by adulthood forced me into financial decisions and other drab conditions that eventually led to the sale of most childhood possessions. I did not forget my inner child, however, and about a year ago I decided I would begin collecting playmobil once again. At some point I thought to myself, there must be others like me. I decided to find out if this shire-like land truly did exist (sometime last week) and, well, here I am.
     I focus generally on medieval playmobil since beginning the playmobil experience again, and I have a special project in the works, one close to my heart. I look forward to meeting you all. I’m very happy to be here, and I’m ready to bring some noise/enthusiasm to what I’m certain is an already electric environment! Greetings and good health to all you good people...

Welcome, Brian.  :wave: Where in PA are you? I've lived in both Pittsburgh & Philly.

Hello there! My family is originally from Pittsburgh, but we moved away long ago and are now spread out across the King of Prussia area. Your playmobil figure depicting general Von Steuben peaks my interest- a man who played a critical role in the history of nearby valley forge, rather close to where I live as well. Nice to meet you...

Welcome to PF!

I also got my first Playmobil when I was 6.

Hello and thank you both for the welcome : )


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