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Hello all, I bought a used Victorian set from a garage sale and it contains these two items:
The first one, my daughter is asking what is it used for?
The second one, I have no idea what is it.

Hi Zack!
Welcome to Playmofriends.   :wave:

Do you know about Playmodb?  It is an amazing database created and maintained by a PF regular, Heather, who goes by the username of "sbblabotw".  It has a lot of info about sets and parts as well as a search function.  For example, I went to the site and searched for "grill" and found your second item very quickly:  30 02 6420 - Barbecue grill.

The first item took a little more detective work, but here it is:  30 60 7980 - Door handle - the piece you have is one part of a two-piece door handle set.
 I was sure I recognized it, but I haven't put together a Victorian house in a while, so . . . .

Check out Playmodb - I'm sure you'll find it useful as well as pleasurable - lots of rabbit holes to get lost in.  ;)

Thank you so much! I will definitely check the site that you have recommended.

I'd incline more to calling that a rotisserie, rather than a grill. In my conceptualization a grill features stationary food (bar flipping), while that bar and handle strongly suggest that food items turn above the flame.


--- Quote from: Macruran on June 30, 2020, 04:22:13 ---I'd incline more to calling that a rotisserie, rather than a grill. . . .

--- End quote ---

We are of one mind, Macruran!  The first search I tried at Playmodb was "rotisserie" but that didn't yield any results, so I went with "grill."   :D


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