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Help with individual train pieces (smoke stack and cow pusher)



I recently got a mostly complete, but currently non-working RC locomotive 4021, and I'm very excited. I am missing the Smoke Stack (3060391) and one of the "brass" pieces that goes next to it, (3061269). These are very expensive on eBay, so I'm searching for leads on more reasonable replacement parts. Could also use .STL files to get them 3D printed.

If you look at the Christmas Train (4035) it looks like the "cowpusher" fits on the front? The Christmas Train has a wider smokestack, closer to the old western train (Steaming Mary). I could use that one too. The green locomotive body appears to be the same as mine, so the pieces would fit.

The cowpusher is also very expensive on eBay. I'm trying to get my train look just a bit more Old West -y


The cowcatcher will fit on any of locomotives. Just take the buffers off and it will fit on in place of the buffers.
The smoke stacks have not been available for many years, when you could get them from Playmobi they cost under £1

Thank you that is very helpful.

I have seen random playmobil pieces available as 3D Printable STL files. I'm hoping I run into an original or a print file before too long...


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