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--- Quote from: Junker Jörg on May 29, 2020, 10:22:41 ---I fancy it's R1 curves and four 30cm pieces of straigh tracks at the long sides and parliament represented by your wive ordered the carpet to mark the limits? I tried to add one more siding without overcrowding. I'd change position of one other siding - just to avoid a "mirrored" impression; but there's no influence on the additional track:

Schätze, Du hast R1 Kurven und je vier 30cm Gerade an den Längsseiten sowie eine Vorgabe Deiner ehelichen Regierung, nicht über den Teppich hinauszubauen? Dann könnte es so gehen. Ich hab noch ein Gleis verlegt, damit's ned so gespiegelt aussieht, muß aber ned sein.


--- End quote ---

You're quite right about the track used.  The green material underneath the track is a sort of artificial  grass from Aldi and I put it down because the LGB Spremberger loco has a habit of dropping carbon dust.  I could have had more track down, but as it represents only a short branch line, I limited myself.  A couple of extra straight each side would have been nice  but awkward to get round to cupboards.

Your suggested changes are interesting and I will try them out but meanwhile I had made some changes before your post.  I don't mind the mirror image as smaller railway companies in the UK often used to have a standard layout for stations.

The changes are in the post below.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been redesigning the Loch Down Railway by replacing the single point on each side with two single points. This makes the two sidings slightly longer and more usable.

In addition, the points are being electrified to make operations easier, especially at the long wall side. Three of the points have been done so far and the wiring is in for the fourth. They are controlled by a 51750 LGB control box fed off the Playmobil controller.

The first photo shows the new layout of the sidings.

The second photo is an overall view of the wiring for the points and the third shows the connections between the point motor and the power feed from the LGB control box.  The choc blocks are plug and socket types so that they are easily disconnected when the layout is taken up without having to disturb the final connections to the point motors.

The last photo shows the Playmobil controller and the LGB control box for the points.  At some point I will mount these side by side on a small board, together with a second control box for the signals and, possibly an electric uncoupler.

Junker Jörg:
Die sehr symmetrische Anlage ist weniger mein Geschmack, aber die Idee mit den Steckklemmen für die Weichen ist ziemlich genial!

I'm not overfond of symmetrical track layouts like that, to be honest. But using plug and socket chock boxes to connect point motors is pure brillant!


I follow your line of thought on symmetry and I have an alternative layout in  mind for displays which isn't symmetrical and which will have more spectator value.

The choc block system works well, although i will be interesting to see how it works should I alter the layout and point motors are further away from the control box.  Do I insert another length of wire using choc blocks, which means more connections, or rewire?

Junker Jörg:
Bei meiner Gartenbahn hatte ich bis zu 20 Meter Abstand vom Stellpult zur Weiche und immer mindestens eine Steckklemme + eine normale Klemme dazwischen, und es gab nie Probleme.

Points on my former garden layout where operated over a 22yd distance with one set of plug and socket choc blocks plus a normal set of choc blocks each - no problem!



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